A consummate business manager with more than 25 years experience of operations management, international business and team development, an extensive knowledge of business processes with a unique understanding of the relationship between the creative and operational functions within dynamic businesses.

Stewart's success and expertise is in the development work that he has done for the companies he has worked with in London, Barcelona and Dubai, working with senior executives and teams from around the world with companies like Bank of England, American Express and Ernest & Young.

Originally from Canada and educated in the UK, he achieved the position of Chief Commercial Officer and CEO of companies in the UK. Stewart worked for Anita Roddick, the highly respected founder of The Body Shop, who greatly influenced his passion for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). He moved to Dubai in 2007 and started facilitating and advising businesses and non-profit organisations in 2009, introducing CSR as an integral part of their business.

Tavis Stewart holds a MHs.M Master's Degree in Coaching. He is a qualified business and life coach, who works with CEO's and Senior Executives on personal development.

He also holds certificates in Islamic Law & History, and Islamic Sources & Law.