Our commitment to social responsibility is a core underlying philosophy of our business. We work with local and regional charities, centres for children with special needs, orphans, refugees and the underprivileged. Lead Associates will donate a minimum of 2.5% of the annual turnover to these worthy causes on an ongoing basis. This is something that is built into our foundation; it is who we are and represents our business, the team within it and our values. It is our mission to create a legacy and in doing so, ESR plays a key role. You can only make change through making a difference.

Stewart's background started over 20 years ago with The Body Shop, having been privileged to work for the visionary, Anita Roddick, whose legacy still lives through her hard work to change people's lives, together with Attar whose priority is to encourage businesses to instil this into their company culture. They have been ambassadors in this region to encourage businesses working on a number of projects integrating art, fashion and charity.

Responsible leaders are defined as people of the highest integrity and deep understanding of difficult concepts such as sustainable development, committed to building enduring organisations in association with others, leaders who have a deep sense of purpose and are true to their core values understand that profit alone does not guarantee sustainable success but needs to be balanced with other factors: reputation, brand value, social responsibility and retention of human capital.

- Develop a full ESR strategy for your business to implement a sustainable change in culture within an organisation.
- Decide on the right ESR program for your business.
- Provide the tools to implement the strategy through road mapping initiatives to deliver the objectives.
- To work with you on a strategy to obtain the buy in from the whole management structure right through to the front line.