At Lead Associates, we coach and mentor senior executives, building successful relations based on a strong sense of trust, mutual learning and honest conversations. Stewart, who holds a Master's Degree in Coaching, works personally with you, identifying your requirements, defining your skill sets and focusing on giving you direct and objective feedback.

We base a significant part of our coaching from personal experience, ensuring that confidence is gained, communications skills are strengthened and decision making and performance management have become an innate part of your leadership style.

We act as role models, withholding judgment and advice until it is required and based on facts and examples. Our network also means that we are able to present the mentee to other influencers who will share their experience. Our approach is managing your development process by building insights and self-awareness to develop unique ways of handling how you interact with key colleagues and the overall business, making you an inspirational leader.

Our years of experience in the world of fashion, branding and creative industries have allowed us to gain an insight to the wonderful minds of creative leaders. Entrepreneurs, creative directors, founders and visionaries all have one thing in common when their businesses have become successful and that is the ability to hand over some of the reins to a management team. Our unique ability to understand both the creative and commercial requirements of a brand allows us to work directly with these talented individuals and coach them in change management and building trust. This is Attar's personal passion, over a decade of coaching and mentoring some of the most talented creatives, explaining that the importance of building successful business depends on a team and not just on that one individual and that for a team, especially a new one to be successful, they require the full support and assurance of the visionary to allow them to perform to their optimal capacity. We lead brands into the future.