Lead Associates has built a reputation and network that covers the Middle East, Europe and USA, and positioned itself as the go-to partner, connecting the most exciting global brands with the best international partners.

The demand for new and existing brands to enter global markets continues to be a key focus for business development. We have represented and negotiated some of the world's most important Master Franchise and Joint Venture agreements. One of the key components for their successful implementation is teaming the right brands to the right partners by understanding the needs and objectives of both parties. Building relationships during the agreements and managing a successful outcome is our strength. Obtaining brand rights is a responsibility and can make or break a brand's integrity and the values which it represents, likewise ensuring that the brand performs successfully for the partner by understanding each market nuance is of paramount importance for all stakeholders. Structuring these deals, ensuring your interests are protected and the appropriate due diligence is done is our priority.

- Connect global brands to strategic partners.
- Develop new market entry strategies.
- Develop franchise business models.
- Develop Master Franchise and Joint Venture agreements.
- Contract negotiations.
- Partner relations for sustainable success.