Nobody has a crystal ball and when market conditions change. You don't always have the chance to change it. The result is a good business that just can't seem to catch up and needs help to get back on track. We get you back on track by reviewing your business and helping you make the changes you need in a way that you can understand and deliver.  With a proven track record for turnaround success, Lead Associates works with the stakeholders on realising their turnaround objectives whilst maintaining the clients vision and values at the forefront of that delivery. We work as partners fully engaged with the organization delivering a turnkey solution, and sharing the passion and drive to achieve excellence.

- Review of historical performance and challenges
- Review of corporate strategy and organizational objectives
- Business transformation
- Financial restructuring
- Organization restructure and requirements
- Cash and working capital management
- Change management
- Market share and competitiveness
- Full rebrand strategy built on emotive drivers
- Marketing and PR Strategy